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Why you need an internet browser that thinks about your privacy

Big brother is watching you! That is something you would have heard some time in your life. But it is really true though. Everything you do online can be tracked to you and while that is not a real concern for most of the people, some would like some extra privacy when browsing the web. Most of the tracking that goes on is in the form of the so called tracking cookies. These are little files that track the websites you visit and what search terms you use in search engines like Google and Yahoo. This information is then used to show you advertisements that suit your interests, but this and other information about your internet usage can also be used by intelligence agencies like the CIA. And that could be a pretty scary thought on itself.


Our picks of the best privacy internet browsers that will keep you anomynous

browse anomynously

Tor Project

The Tor project or just TOR, is an internet browser based on firefox that uses a pretty high level of encrypted connections and is build on hidden relay servers. When you use the Tor browser, your real IP adress wil be hidden behind multiple layers of connections. So you can be pretty anomynous when you use this browser.

There are some things to consider and watch out for when using the Tor browser because your real identity could become visible when something you downloaded is opened by an external application. Furthermore, while Tor is considered to be a pretty decent anomynous browser, it does not protect you against online threats like malware, because it has no plugins or protection to do so. Tor can also be pretty slow at times, but that is something you will have to sacrifice for being anomymous.

It is free to use and download, and a really good choice to be anonymous on the internet.


Epic Privacy Browser

Epic is also a great browser to improve our privacy. It is based on the Chrome browser with some extentions added to it. For example, it will block tracking cookies and you can use the Epic Proxy to hide your real IP adres. It is not as secure and anomynous as Tor, but it is much faster in its usage. It is a great browser to replace your Chrome or Firefox and still wont lose that much performance, but gain privacy. When searching for something, it uses the as the standard search engine, but you can change that to another search engine that does not log and safe your information. You could consider Duckduckgo for that. Our conclusion is that the Epic Privacy Browser is a solid browser with pretty decent tools to help you gain more privacy online.



Comodo Dragon / Ice Dragon

There are 2 versions of this browser available, because one of them is based on Chrome and the other on Firefox. In both you can install your plugins, just like you can in your normal Chrome or Firefox. Like the Epic browser, it blocks tracking cookies and download tracking. One of the best things that is available in this browser is Comodo Secure DNS which allows you to bypass your ISP and surf anonymously. It is not as popular as Epic Browser though, but its still a solid privacy browser.


While there are some other browser that promise to give you more privacy online, these 3 are probably the best out there. If there are any more legit privacy browsers being released in the future, we will update this post. But my advise for now, is to stick with any of the above.


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