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Best Torrent Programs

The legality of torrents

In recent years it has been covered in the news everywhere around the globe “downloading and uploading of copyrighted materials through Torrents”. But this does not mean that the use of the P2P torrent network and its applications are illegal by itself.

This means you cannot get in trouble for simply using the Torrent network or its applications like Bittorrent. But of course it is not allowed to download music, movies or other copyrighted materials. You can get in trouble for downloading these types of content and in many countries you can expect a pretty high fine for it. You see, you can be tracked down via your IP address unless you are using a VPN which will hide your true IP address.


Torrent software


lightweight uTorrent

Many people use uTorrent these days because its a simple and lightweight application. It is free to download but it does have some ads in its interface. Nevertheless it does its job and is easy to use. Just make sure you uncheck all unnecessary applications for installation during the install of uTorrent.


Like uTorrent, qBittorrent is very lightweight with some more advanced settings taken out too make it as simple as possible to use. It does however have some very nice features like an integrated torrent search engine, encryption and media player. It is also worth mentioning that it is free and free of ads!


If you are not looking for a lightweight torrent client but instead want the most advanced features. Then you should check out Vuze. It claims to be the very best torrent client in the world with some really nice features indeed. For example, you have access to a build-in video converter, several plugins and remote control of the application through your mobile. There are however 2 versions of Vuze, the free one, and the full Vuze that will cost you some money. The full version even comes with build-in antivirus protection and video streaming while downloading.

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