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Earn Cryptocurrency Gaming

play to earn

Ever heard of Play to Earn?

If you are a gamer, particularly in the MMORPG genre, you probably have heard of the concept P2W or Pay to Win. This is when a game develops systems that will enhance your playable character by spending real money.

But a new concept is starting to see the light of day and it is called Play to Earn or P2E. This is when a game has cryptocurrency and blockchain technology integrated in their core systems to allow players to have full control over their in-game assets. Many games nowadays have in-game stores where you can purchase all kind of goodies like cosmetics using micro-transactions (a thing hated in the west).

The problem however is that you still do not really own these in-game items, as they cannot (usually) be traded back for real money or with other players for that matter. This is where blockchain will offer a solution. In P2E games you can (mostly) still buy those micro-transaction cosmetics for real money (or cryptocurrency) or even earn those items in-game and these items are linked to a part of the blockchain or cryptocurrency itself.

This means that those items are basically backed by real assets which are also called NFT’s and as a user, you will have full control over what happens with it. You can sell those items for digital cryptocurrency, which in turn can be converted back into FIAT currency like dollars. So basically you can earn real life money playing a game.

One of the first Crypto Games

If i would ask you what are a lot of videos on Youtube about? Yes that’s right! Cats! As is one of the first games using NFT (Non-fungible token) on the blockchain network Ethereum called CryptoKitties. In the game itself you can collect kitties as a sort of pokemon like game, its just a collection game really. Below you can check out the official video to understand what it really is.

Crypto Games with great potential

Where CryptoKitties is more or less a mini-game and not really something a real gamer would enjoy for hour upon hours of free time to put in, there are also games for the more serious gamer.

Crypto Space Commander

This game is a LOT of potential to become very big and very good. This is also one of the bigger titles that are already in a playable state (beta) and you can in fact already play it right now !

Crypto Space Commander or CSC is a space simulator very similar to EVE Online, and i really mean VERY SIMILAR. So if you are into space games or shows like Star Trek (it has Star Trek ships in it), this is the game for you ! So if you already know of EVE Online, it is basically that in a early state with blockchain technology integrated and NFT’s that you can sell for Ethereum.

So in short, CSC is a Space MMORPG simulation/sandbox game where you can explore different parts of space, get involved in combat, mine for precious metals to craft modules and ships and trade with other players. The entire economy is being handled by the players themself. It is really a really cool concept, and i have been playing this game myself for about 30 hours now and i am not planning to stop anytime soon.

We will be updating this list with new games in the future!

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