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Hostsailer – Good Budget off-shore hosting and domains

Amazing hosting services with great prices

Hostsailor amazing hosting services for a good price

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Location of the company and servers

Hostsailor is a company based in Dubai and offers off-shore hosting at privacy orientated countries like the Netherlands and Romania.

Where most off-shore hosting providers offer their services at premium prices, Hostsailor does a great job at providing quality service combined with low prices that are affordable within any budget!

All Web hosting solutions

This company also offers a variety of products like Domain Names, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, SSD shared hosting and SSL certificates.

There is also a great variety in different packages of these products in terms of how much bandwidth and storage you need. But all packages come with free SSL auto certification, unlimited MYSQL and a free to use sitebuilder.

Easy to use client and configuration

What also should be said is how good the website client really is. It has a very easy to use and understand clean interface where you can configure your websites and servers or access your mail.

hostsailor client

C panel integration

When you go a little bit deeper into your configuration options by accessing C panel, you are given a variety of options from which you can install, manage and upgrade your websites software or upload and edit files stored on the server through the easy to use file manager without the need for FTP (which is still supported and can be used of course).

hostsailor dashboard

Start your site easy fast and automatic with Softaculous

Starting a website from scratch is really not that hard these days, even if you don’t have a lot of programming knowledge. Like many hosting providers, Hostsailor has the feature Softaculous build in. With this feature you can just choose what kind of website you want to build and it lets you install it through the softaculous app. Not only that, but you can also update and manage the software from there without having to manually install anything on the server yourself!

It does not even matter much what kind of site you want to build, with softaculous you can instantly start your own Forum, Webshop, Tube or Blog with a few clicks. All big CMS systems are supported like WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Opencard, Magento and many, many more.

Softaculous site manager

Customer Service is pretty good

While being a customer for a many years now myself, there were a few times where i needed the help from Hostsailor’s support. So i can speak from experience.

I found the support pretty damn fast to respond to tickets and very helpful. Just like you would expect from a big hosting provider. There really is not anything to say about it really, they helped me out and they did so in a timely manner. But if you want to see more experiences of other users, feel free to check the Hostsailor Trustpilot reviews.


Like i said in the start of this article, the prices of Hostsailor’s products are very good. You can get a basic SSD hosting server located in the Netherlands or Romania starting at $0.95 per month or $11.40 for a whole year. This comes with 1 GB SSD Disk Storage and 500 GB Bandwidth per month. Which is a very good deal.

For the prices of all the other services, go check out their homepage.

hostsailor prices for ssd hosting

Payment options

Hostsailor has many different payment options, in fact i would be suprised if they don’t have a payment option that you could use. It is even possible to make anonymous payments through cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

For more standard payment options they also have Paypal, Creditcard, Bank transfer, Skrill and many more.

hostsailor payment options

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