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Make your own subliminal messaging

Boost your personality using positive affirmations to counter negative subliminal messaging

Subliminal messages used today

If you are reading this article, you have probably seen the above image before or at least know of subliminal messages used by Disney in their children movies like the Lion King.

What you might not know is that subliminal messages are used by pretty much all companies, governments, some political parties and institutions in one way or another.

Most of the actual messages used are designed to change your opinion about a subject or product. You could say these types of subliminal messages are fairly harmless to your actual health.

However there are also cases where more sinister messages where used, in most cases this relates to satanic and other evil things. Just one example is that the artist Pink Floyd said there were indeed satanic messages used in his music. Most of the time something called “Backmasking” is used to include evil subliminal messages. (you will only hear the message when played backwards, hence the term backmasking).

The purpose of this article however is to teach you how to make your own positive subliminal messaging and not to focus to much on the history of it. You can learn more on the subject if you want by just googling it. But that’s all we will talk about of it here.

Why make your own subliminal messaging?

Since we are being bombarded by not only harmful subliminal messages, but also just harmful advertising and other information overall, its wise to protect your brain from this by boosting your thought process in a positive way.

Positive subliminal messaging is no wonder cure but it can actually help you with your daily problems you face.

What it can and cannot do

Subliminal messaging cannot cure disease, but it could improve your immune system indirectly. You see, if you would use a affirmation like “I am Healthy”, by using this it can result in you wanting to be more healthy, and this can cause you to eat more healthy and work out more and just do more things that will result in you being more healthy. That is basically how this works.

You are what you think and You will become what you think of yourself.

A more easy example might be the thought process of being insecure of yourself. Being that way is ONLY in your own head. So, if you think to yourself that you are a very confident person, and say this to yourself, your actions and even your body movement will reflect this. You just have to think this strong enough. And what positive subliminal messaging does, is tell you this over and over again to your subconscious and that will make it true for you.

So how powerful can it really be? It can help you with depression for sure and it might even change your political view. That’s how potentially strong it can be.

How to make your own positive subliminal messaging in your favorite music

So what we are going to do is putting multiple positive affirmations in a mix of your favorite music. This is the easiest way to start using subliminal messages.

Step one: Download the right software

You can use any software you like to do this, but if you are not an advanced user in sound editing, than i suggest you use Audacity this is free open-source software that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Next up is any way you can download and convert Youtube videos to MP3 or Soundcloud. If you use linux you can use the Youtube-dl app with GUI. Otherwise you can use this website or google for one yourself. (i suggest you download music mixes that are around 1 hour long)

Step two: Setting up Audacity

We are going to use your microphone (you can also use your phone to record your voice and upload it if you dont have a mic) to record your voice. So clicking next to the microphone icon, you can setup the right channel. It might work by default though.

Step three: Make a list of positive affirmations

You should make a list of positive affirmations you are going to use in your subliminal mix. I suggest you use between 5 and 20 affirmations. You can find loads of examples online by just googling for “Positive Affirmations”.


Also only say stuff you want to have/become and not what you do NOT want or become. For example, if you are depressed, don’t ever say, “I am not depressed”, use “I am happpy” as an example. This is very important.

Step 4: Record your voice

Just click on the red record button to start recording your voice where you read out your positive affirmations list.

As a tip, try to speak in a monotone voice, and make sure you speak clearly. To save your file afterwards, go to:

File > Export > Export as MP3

Step Five: Import your music file

If you already downloaded a music mix file (step one) than you can just drag and drop the downloaded mp3 to audacity. You will see something similar to below image.

Step Six: Import your positive affirmation voice file

You can drag and drop your voice file mp3 to audacity or choose File > Import > Import > Audio You will see something similar to below image now.

Step Seven: Make your affirmation file the same lenght as the music

You can do this by simply selecting the track by holding left mouse button. And hit CTRL + C . Then you place the cursor right after the end of track until you see a yellow line and hit CTRL + V to paste it in.

Step Eight: Adjust Volume

Now you are going to adjust the volume of the affirmations voice channel to make it where you can hear it, but only if you pay attention. The subliminal works best if you can hear it clearly enough but where you actually have to listen very carefully to really notice it.

So just play with it a little until you are satisfied with the result. You do this by first selecting the entire voice track (clicking and holding left mouse button) and then go to Effect > Amplify and choose the decibel by how much you want it to gain in volume. Most of the time its probably around 5 decibel but this highly depends of course. If you mess up you can use CTRL + Z to undo changes.

Step Nine: Exporting the file

Your are now ready to make the subliminal music file. Just click on File > Export > Export MP3 like before. It will take a few minutes and your file is ready to use!


So i hope you enjoy this little guide and make your own subliminal messaging to improve your life!

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