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Torguard Anonymous VPN/Proxy/Email Review

What is Torguard?

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Not to be mistaken with Tor or the Tor browser (used to visit onion sites), Torguard is a service that provides anonymous digital producs like VPN, Proxies and email. As stated on their FAQ, the Tor in Torguard stands for “Torrents”. This service has a focus on staying private when using clients like Bittorrent or Utorrent and download content through the torrent p2p network.

Torguard VPN overview

What is a VPN?

The main service Torguard provides is of course their highly anonymous VPN. And while they have a focus on users of the Torrent network, this VPN can be used by anyone who wants to use the internet in a secure and anonymous way. A VPN or “Virtual Private Network” will allow you to hide your actual IP address and tunnel your internet traffic through one of the many Torguard heavy encrypted servers.

What usage you can get out of a VPN

We already covered that you can use it to download torrent content but there are many other reasons to use a VPN.


It can also be used to watch region locked content on streaming services like Netflix, since they offer different movies and series in different countries. With Torguard you can choose between over 3000 servers in 50 different countries!

Access blocked websites or services

Some countries have a censored version of the internet where some websites or services could not be accessed normaly. With a VPN you can bypass this to access any website you want.

Hide your general internet usage

You will probably know that goverments and big corporations are already spying on you through platforms like social media and using your search engine usage to create a profile on your behavior. You can use a VPN to take back your privacy and hide your identity.


When you play video games on a regular basis you might already know that some games will not always release worldwide. This is mainly the case with online multiplayer games of the mmorpg genre. So with a VPN you can avoid region locks and still play your favourite games!

Torguard VPN Features

Very High Speed

One of the problems other VPN services have are the speed of the connection. With Torguard VPN you will access to the full speed of your own connection. You will not even notice you are using a VPN!

Unlimited bandwitch

If you are going to use the VPN connection to download large files, it is important that there is no cap on how much you can download. You won’t have to worry about anything like that with TG as there is no limit at all to your data usage.

Multiple connections allowed

Many people forget that a VPN like this can not only be used on your PC, but also on your mobile devices like tablet and phone. TG gives your 8 simultaneously connections to use it on all your devices.

NO logs kept 100% anonymous

What this means is that they do not log your usage of the VPN. So its in a way saying “What happened in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”. Nothing you do when connected to this VPN can be traced back to you.

Easy to use by everyone

The VPN software is made in a way that it’s very straightforward to use for everyone. And if that was not enough, Torguard offers amazing 24/7 free service. The main website also provides easy to understand guides for installation and usage.

Special Features

Stealth VPN

What really impressed me about Torguard is that they use a special kind of VPN that is capable of hiding the fact that you are using a VPN connection. Learn more on how this works from their offical video below.

How Torguard Stealth VPN Works
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