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Best Anonymous and Privacy Operation System (OS)

Looking for a serious OS to be completely untraceable?

It should come to no suprise that Microsft Windows is still the most used OS worldwide, but it has been decreased over the years. Some years ago the only OS most people even knew about was Microsoft Windows. Nowadays people have become more familiar with other operation systems like Mac and Linux. And if you are looking for more anonymity and privacy in an OS, then you would most certainly want a different OS then the norm.


Operation Systems that give you anonymity and privacy

So what options are there? Well, several actually. So lets start with our list.


Do you remember Edward Snowden? The CIA employee who leaked details of classified United States government surveillance programs. Well, this guy used Tails OS to stay untraceable. So what is Tails exacly? It is basically a USB drive OS based on Linux that only uses the Tor network for internet access. More importantly, it does not store any information on your HDD, it will only store your documents and downloads in your RAM which is wiped after every shutdown of the OS, thus leaving no trace on your system.

Tails is pretty much the best anonymous OS there is right now which can be used on any computer since its a flashdrive OS.


Subgraph OS

Like Tails, Subgraph sends all internet traffic through the Tor network. It is however really different from how Tails works. Subgraph uses a virtual environment to run its OS and applications in. Because of this, no malware or attacks can hurt your primary OS where you run the virtualbox from. The GUI is based on Gnome linux, and comes with some of the standard applications.


MOFO Linux

anonymous os

Another great anonymous OS is MOFO Linux, which is based on Ubuntu and comes with several anonymizer tools like: Encrypted DNS, OpenVPN, Softether, Tor, Freenet, and I2P. It can be installed in an USB drive, DVD or on disc. It has been created by people with a strong believe in freedom of speech, which we agree upon strongly of course.


Whonix Linux

privacy os

Whonix works pretty much similar as Opengraph OS, as it uses virtual environments to run its OS. All connections are again forced through the Tor network to give you a pretty high degree of anonymity. You are also protected from any attacks and malware since the OS runs in a virtual machine. It is pretty easy to use and to set up, so it makes for a fine addition to our list.


Parrot Security OS

This Debian based OS can be used for penetration testing and comes with all the tools to do so. It also comes with many anonymizer tools like Anonsmurf, Tor, Bleachbit and Memory cleaner. You will also have access to encryption tools like Veracrypt, GnuPNG and LUKS to ensure your files are proteced.


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