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Best Torrent Sites

Niche focussed torrents

There are many different sites that offer torrents. Some of those sites are known by pretty much everyone (think piratebay) while others are lesser known or offer niche content torrents.

Some torrent sites focus on porn, others only offer japanese anime for example. You could say, there is a torrent site for everyone out there.

Never download torrents without VPN

Lets just be clear, we do not advertise to people using the torrent network to download copyrighted or other illegal material. In some countries you could get fined or worse for doing so. Use torrents at your own risk.

But if you have to use torrents for whatever reason, just make sure you use a VPN to hide your real IP adress.

What torrent sites you should use

Here is a list of the best torrent sites categorised by content niche. Remember: Visit these sites on your own risk!

General Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay

Probably the biggest and best known torrent sites out there. Offering pretty much all content from software, movies, porn and more.


This is another great site with a huge collection of torrents of all kinds. Not much to say about it, it just works.


This one has been climbing the ranks and has become a lot more popular. So expect to find whatever you are looking for in a heartbeat.

Porn Torrent Sites


Giant collection with all types of adult movies and clips. You can make a free account and put in requests if you want to.


All asian porn collection torrent site. For all those japanese lovers out there!


If you are looking for a dedicated porn sharing community, this is the place to go.

Anime Torrent Sites


This is one super popular anime torrent collection site. It is very easy to filter through and there is no need for membership.


This is one of the biggest anime torrent sites slash community. It is highly up to date and offers many video formats.


If you are a dedicated fan of anime and are looking for a large sharing comminty, you want to join this one for sure.

Game Torrent Sites


Amazing netflix like layout and great collection of gaming torrents.

kickasstorrents gaming


While not mainly dedicated to gaming, KAT offers a great searching system and a ton of gaming torrents.


This is more like a blog style torrent sites with dedication to gaming. If you looking for zero day releases, this is where you should go

Disclaimer: You need to be over the legal age of 18 to visit this website. Visit all links to the dark web or torrent sites at your own risk. We do not promote illegal activity or breaking copyright.