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How to download premium links from sites like WDupload for free!

You might have heard about the file sharing sites like Depfile and Turbobit. Everyone can use it to upload files and share the links online so other people can download your files. Many people use these sites to make money by uploading their files.


Is it legal to use?

Like many things on the internet, these shared files mostly include freebies, porn or copyrighted materials such as movies, games and music. Of course sharing copyrighted materials is not legal and we dont condone that, though people remain free to use any of these services as they like, its not up to me to judge you for that. So downloading copyrighted files are illegal, the use of file sharing sites in general are not.

Premium link leecher

So you found premium link to a file you want to download, but in many cases you will need to register a premium account just to download one file, and that will cost you money. At least thats how it was in the past! These days there are many services called “leechers” which you can use to download the premium file from a premium account that is integrated on the Cbox leecher website. In most cases you will only need to make a free account and click through some advertisements in the form of URL shorteners to download your file for free.

Download premium links from multiple file sharing sites

You can also choose to upgrade your account for usually a small amount of money compared to the cost of 1 premium file sharing account. In return you will have instant download access and you can use it for multiple file sharing sites. To clarify, you will not have to click through ads and URL shorteners anymore and you can download premium links from many file sharing sites which include WDupload, Turbobit, Depositfiles, and many more. So its pretty handy to use such a service if you use file sharing sites like this on a regular basis.

The best premium link leechers 2020

Sites with CBOX

Other premium link leechers

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