Sat. Oct 1st, 2022


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How to install Tor Browser and getting started

While using the Tor browser is pretty much the same as using a normal browser like Firefox or Chrome, some people might find it difficult to set-up. So i decided to make a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Tor and browse the onion network.

Downloading the software

Step one: Finding the official Tor browser website

You can just Google search it like the above picture. But to be safe here is the link to the official Tor browser website. Be sure you are visiting and that your connection is secure (check the little lock sign on the left of the URL in your browser).

Step 2: Choose the download for your operation system.

We will continue to use the Windows version for this guide but the process is mostly the same for every OS. As you can see you can even use this browser on your phone, but just know that you shouldn’t as it is not as secure compared to a PC OS. Just download the file and install the software.

Step 3: Connect to your VPN and click Connect
Connect your VPN

When your Tor browser is installed correctly and the program is launched, you should see this screen. If you value your privacy you should now connect to your VPN service before you do anything else. We suggest you use the Torguard anomynous VPN service. This is optional though, you can still use the Tor browser without VPN but when using Windows i wouldn’t recommend it.

Direct connect or use a bridge

After this you will have 2 options, either connect directly to the Tor network or connect through a Bridge. In most cases the direct connect option is fine. Only advanced users who know what they are doing could choose for option to connect through a bridge if they want to.

Step 4: Entering the Dark Web
Now you are anomynous

Now you are connected to the onion network and can browse any site you want either on the clearnet or dark web. While connected to Tor, your connection is routed through different countries and encrypted. You might notice you will have a different IP adress now, this is how you know Tor is working and you are anomynous.

Getting to the Dark Side

If you want to explore the Dark Web now, a good place to start is checking out our onion link directory. There you will find dark web sites in different categories just to get you started. I can suggest you check out the “Hidden Wiki” to find more content to your liking. Just don’t click on anything illegal.

When you are visiting the Tor network, just make sure your URL’s all end with “.Onion” so you know you are directly connected to onion sites.

Disclaimer: You need to be over the legal age of 18 to visit this website. Visit all links to the dark web or torrent sites at your own risk. We do not promote illegal activity or breaking copyright.